Ball Pit

We operate four evening time slots for our V.I.P ball pit area, all of which are for 1h 30 mins.

5.45pm – 7.15pm (To include Teen Ballers, ages 11 – 16)
7.20pm – 8.50pm
8.55pm -10.25pm
10.30pm – 11.59pm

We also operate a ‘Kids Ballers Brunch’ every Saturday lunchtime, which is for 1 hour and includes lunch for the child, the times are 12.00pm – 1.00pm & 1.00pm – 2.00pm.

Bookings must be paid for in advance, by clicking the ‘BUY TICKETS‘ button at the bottom of this page.

Pricing, based on a per person, per session basis. This entry fee gives you unlimited access to the pit for the time slot advised, and, a table in the ball pit area. The ball pit area will be limited to a maximum of 14 people per session and you may share your experience with other customers.

Access to the full food & drink menu will be available during your booking time. You are welcome to join us for drinks, and, or food before or after your session, downstairs, in the main bar & restaurant area, should you wish.

See our ball pit rules at the bottom of this page, payment of your session automatically means that you and your group agree to adhere to our rules and regulations.

Ball Pit Rules:
Have fun but please observe the following rules: 
1. No jumping.
2. No diving.
3. No touching the mannequins.
4. No shoes.
5. There’s a hard floor underneath the balls and it will hurt.
6. Hold the handrail of the ladder on your way in and out of the balls and mind your head!
7. Any aggressive behaviour will have you removed from the venue.

Last but not least, we suggest that you keep your belongings safe as it’s all too easy to lose belongings in those pesky balls. Although we will always try to reunite you with your items, the venue does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items. We take no responsibilty for injury or damage caused by using our facilities.

Refund Policy: We will not be able to refund your booking if you choose not to attend, however, we will re- book your session at a better time to suit as long as you cancel within 48 hours of your booking. If you cancel any closer to the event then your booking will be lost.